A great initiative in Dakar, SENEGAL: COLOMBINS Association


A great initiative in Dakar, SENEGAL: COLOMBINS Association

Let’s talk today of COLOMBINS association in Dakar, SENEGAL, one of the sellers on AwaleBiz.

It is an area of unique artistic creations, dedicated to clay work. Its purpose is the social integration of disabled people, for who this workshop is the place for expression and exchange.

545215_229234707211223_493975673_n-min.j The pottery and art workshop was established by Mr. Ibrahima Ndiaye in 1997 with four young deaf mutes he trained at the center of Bopp. According to him, the choice of clay is justified by the fact that pottery can be a therapy for disabled people and thus help them to overcome their situation of disability. The aim is for them to have a positive impact in their community.

We had the chance to visit their workshop located in Ouakam Cite ASECNA and exchange with young boarders.

There, people believe in hard work. The association welcomes young trainees, who must produce at least one piece by work session, whatever the result. The key is to improve. Those who have finished their formation are encouraged to start their own workshop and living from their art. The goal is to wrest these young deficient from the streets and encourage them to a healthy, income generating activity.

The atmosphere is both familial and charming. Moreover the doors remain open to all visitors. Pottery classes are organized for those who want to start this activity, enabling additional income to the association.


Exhibitions are also organized to bring more visibility. For example, in May 2014, Colombins participated in the eleventh edition of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art (Dak’art)

Despite limited resources, the association does not lack ambition. Their wish is to open a media center with computers, devices to introduce residents to new technologies.

So if you are passing by Dakar, feel free to go and meet them, support them directly.

We, at AwaleBiz, we do! Their work is available here:


We do not perceive any commission on the sale of these items. And if you’ve got time, we encourage you to make the trip to their home, just for the warm welcome, humanity and fair involvement of all members. A real experience!





Auteur/Author: Aissatou GAYE

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