BIOESSENCE Laboratories, an African initiative


BIOESSENCE Laboratories, an African initiative

You will find in our website Awalebiz, in the category Beauty and wellness, a full range of BIOESSENCE Laboratories products. This is not luck because this company is not only producing organic cosmetics but it also defends a certain idea of its work, directly related to the community development. And this fits perfectly with the Awale spririt. So, that’s the reason why Bioessence is with us.

1. An African company of African cosmeticsBIOESSENCE Laboratoiries

The Bioessence Labs were born in September 2005 in Dakar, Senegal, from a desire to promote African cosmetology by promoting its flora.

There is a small ‘Magic’ side in African beauty rituals. It is a knowledge of plants and their effects that comes from a long ancestral practice and that passes from generation to generation, often from mother to daughter. Almost every young African has been coated and massaged with shea butter, has been washed with decoctions of plants that nobody doubts the effectiveness. Bioessence turns this expertise into a knowledge scientifically demonstrated by laboratory tests, uses the latest technology to bring these beauty secrets to excellence.

The company has specialized since its creation in the extraction of oils and natural plant extracts with high concentration of assets that are beneficial to the health and wellness.

Behind this business is a woman: Mrs Mame Khary Diene, an engineer who began her professional experience with Cap Gemini France, one of the four largest consulting firms in the world. After several years of business consulting in Europe, she launched this African cosmetics company that has earned her numerous awards: African Winner of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award in 2008; she was recently honored by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in the category “Diaspora Entrepreneurship.”BIOESSENCE


2. Social and environmental responsibility.

The Bioessence laboratories have chosen to work with rural communities in Senegal to give them the opportunity to ensure a sustainable income and improve their living standards.

Let’s take the example of the shea sector, usually reserved for women. Apart from a manual and limited production of shea butter to meet local demand, producers are generally poorly integrated in the transformation process of the shea almond for the needs of the global market.

Shea is a highly requested material by the cosmetics and food industry. It is an excellent low cost substitute for cocoa butter in the production of chocolate, chocolate paste, etc. Therefore, international food firms buy the shea almond or butter at low-cost from African producers and then transform it in their factories. The logic is purely economic, and there is little accumulation of wealth by farmers.

However, the integration of agricultural populations in the production chain is a strong factor in reducing poverty. Bioessence thus decentralizes a part of its production in rural areas and supports women’s cooperatives by equipping them to facilitate their work (materials and safety equipment, presses and mills), having contracts with them, prefinancing their purchase of raw materials with the establishment of a credit union, buying at a preferential rate their production.

Laboratories bioessence

The sectors, whether it is Shea, Baobab or exotic fruits, have therefore been fully organized: from the fruit picking up to its transformation into finished materials ready for use by the cosmetic industry.

By enabling 716 women in the Baobab sector and 320 women in the shea sector (figures of 2012) to locally add value to the products, Bioesence allows these women to multiply their income by 4.5, which allows them to send their children to school and pay for medical care for their families.

The social impact is certain!

3. Quality cosmetics

Bioessence produces natural cosmetics, organic and ECOCERT certified.

On AwaleBiz you will find their flagship product that is pure Baobab Oil. We mentioned in a previous article the benefits of this oil.

Blog: The virtues of baobab oil

It is excellent to rejuvenate dry, damaged or chapped skins. Baobab is a precious oil which is also suitable for the care of mature skin. You find it here:

Baobab Oil 100 ml

Find also on AwaleBiz the KUMBA DIONGOMA basket with all African beauty treasures: Kumba Basket Diongoma Collection

NATIFAM, KUMBA, Karipur, KARIBALM, TERRASHEA are its cosmetic lines each corresponding to a specific need of your skin, for a specific clientele.

You sure will be happy.

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