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MADLYN CAZALIS, The partner of your natural beauty

If you haven’t heard of MADLYN CAZALIS, now is the time to discover this Cameroonian brand of cosmetics for your beauty and health.

MADLYN CAZALIS is a brand of natural cosmetics products dedicated to the care of black, olive and dark skins. With the growing demand of quality products exclusively dedicated to people living under tropical weather conditions and exposed to numerous attacks (sun, dust, mosquitoes, parasites,…), MADLYN CAZALYS has chosen to develop a wide range of natural care products to address the skin issues of this specific population.mad%20lotion.jpg?1450718685351

With its range of creams, scrubs, lotions and serums for women and a special range for men, MADLYN CAYALIS has selected the best of nature for you. Products are made of plants, fruits and other richness of African soil. You will be sure to use products of sane and effective composition, with traceable quality ingredients.

Behind the brand is an effective team born in 2012 from the union between specialists of pharmacy (doctors, biologists) and management specialists (experts in marketing, finance, logistics). So beyond the safety of its products, what really made the success of this brand is the outstanding service that is offered to its partners and customers. And it shows in their Responsiveness to questions and requests on their Facebook page, e-mail and telephone. Speed and efficiency are the key words.

A range of personalized services are also available around the care and health of your skin. The brand is strongly committed to the fight against skin depigmentation. Do not hesitate to contact them for advice on the best care and creams to nourish and repair your skin.

The talented entrepreneur, Mr Christian NGAN, has a lot to do with the success of this brand. After the finance studies in French Business school and several years of experience in investment funds and investment banking, he returned to Cameroon to found his company with $ 3,000 in savings and a lot of determination and will.

3 years and twenty international awards later, Madlyn CAZALIS has tens of thousands of satisfied women and men.

Be a part of this adventure. Enter the world of organic and responsible cosmetics by purchasing your Madlyn Cazalis care.

You will find on Awale Biz all the products of the brand, and we deliver everywhere.

Wherever you are on this planet, your order will find you there.

Which of the product tempts you the most?

If you are a man, find here the products dedicated specifically to you: an anti-acne lotion Aloe Vera, a Hydrating cream, ideal as aftershave, a body milk.

Madlyn for Men, here

Women will be happy, with a wide choice of creams, lotions.

I am myself tempted by the Radiance Serum with Honey and Watermelon for a radiant and naturally illuminated skin.

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