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Cuisine: Gombo sauce

Cuisine: Gombo sauce Sorry, this entry is only available in French . For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Gombo sauce is a very popular sauce of West African cuisine. We know her under the names Soup Kandja in Senegal, Kope sauce in Ivory...


The bissap, a plant with multiple benefits/ Author/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE

After a hearty lunch, there is nothing like a nice glass of bissap. Both delicious and extremely refreshing, the bissap is popular among young and old. And not to spoil anything, it is full of many health benefits A drink to refuel The hibiscus flower we know by the familiar name of bissap is very rich in vitamin C. Therefore, it is the ideal drink...


Essential oils: plants give us their secrets!/Auteur/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE

Auteur/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE Essential oils: plants give us their secrets! Essential oils that are also called plant essences are aromatic compounds extracted from plants. They are attributed a pharmaceutical and cosmetic use, but it is especially in aromatherapy that essential oils are mainly used. Very delicate to handle because of their high...

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