Do you know the GELE?


Do you know the GELE?

Do you know the GELE (pronounce GEY LEY)?

It is that big colorful headscarf that African ladies and especially Nigerian ladies often wear. They wrap it like a flower corolla around their head and it gives them a Queen stature.

More specifically, the GELE is the headwrapping of Yoruba people from West Africa (Benin, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana).

Made in several fabrics like Aso –Oke (African silk), Brocades, Hayes, the GELE traditionally hold a precise meaning according to the way it is tied. In fact, you haveTO look at it carefully to guess the social status of the lady wearing it:

If the scarf is heading on the right, the woman wearing is married. If it is on the left, she is single, free to be courted.

When it is worn very high, wide and complexely wrapped, with luxurious textiles, the Gele reveals the wealth and social status of its owner. The styles and folds even allow to identify the native region of the wearer.

GELE is nowadays very common and becomes a reflection of the tastes and styles. This accessory allows to sublimate African beauty in all circumtances and has gradually won the heart of many African women. It is an art to tie it. It requires a know-how, a lot of patience and precision to achieve a magnificent result.

If the Gele usually sublimates traditional outfits (Iro, buba), it now goes with every style and outfit: evening dresses, … the possibilities and endless.

So for the modern woman who wants to assert her African culture, the GELE is the perfect accessory to wear as a crown.

A Queen you will be!





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Auteur/Author: Aissatou GAYE

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