​Explore the best beaches in Zanzibar


Explore the best beaches in Zanzibar

After feeling the thrill of safaris in Tanzania's game reserves, explorers can spend the remainder of their vacation relaxing in Zanzibar. They will easily find an agency that will organize their trip according to their expectations and desires. Those who need escape and calm will have a real stay of well-being in this archipelago. They will enjoy an exceptional view of the Indian Ocean thanks to accommodation particularly appreciated for their geographical location. But whether it is water sports, recharging your batteries on the beaches or going on excursions, this island will give its visitors a change of scenery. During their tour in Tanzania, they will live an unusual adventure on the splendid sandy beaches of Nungwi, paradisiacal corners known for their chic and bohemian atmosphere. They are located on the north coast of Zanzibar. For those who choose the east coast, they can opt for Paje, a village with wild seafronts with turquoise waters. These are suitable for swimming throughout the day, as most of them are subject to strong tides.

The must-see Mafia Island

Located about fifty kilometers south of Zanzibar, Mafia Island is an essential stopover for those wishing to make a Tanzania tour. It stretches over 40 km in length. This destination is ideal for fully enjoying the pleasures of the sea. The waters are incredibly translucent, which gives scuba divers the opportunity to observe a wide variety of corals and various species of tropical fish. Indeed, the strong point of this atoll lies above all in the characteristics of its seabed. It even has a national marine reserve aimed at preserving corals, mangroves, but also forests on the islets. It should be noted that the diving spots are suitable for beginners, as there are shallow sites allowing them to benefit from a long practice. Especially since the waters have a pleasant temperature. However, Mafia offers sea safari enthusiasts other types of seabed with magnificent drop offs, tunnels and caves.

Seaside stay on Pemba Island

This island, also known as the Green Island, is one of the three large islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago. It has only been open to tourism since the 1990s. To get there, all you need to do is take a hydrofoil from Unguja (Zanzibar). It should be noted that even if the scheduled flights start to implement, the schedules can be indeterminate. The discovery of this island will bring an unprecedented experience to the followers of seaside activities. The first thing visitors will notice when they come here is a vast expanse of crystal-clear sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. Pemba is indeed renowned for its unspoiled seabed characterized by magnificent coral reefs and incredibly diverse wildlife. During their tours in Tanzania, especially on this atoll, adventurers will have the opportunity to observe dolphins, whales and a multitude of fish up close while diving.

Author / Author: Maguette Diaw

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