KAYA KIDS, children first !


KAYA KIDS, children first !

Hello everyone!

KAYA KIDS have organized a private sale at Tetatou Concept Store (Scat Urbam, Dakar) this week until October 9th. You will discover the new collection of her clothing line for kids and their parents. All the profit will go to Childhood protection organizations.


We, at AWALE BIZ, have been there and interviewed the so kind owner of KAYA KIDS. She tells us more about her brand:

“Hi guys. Thanks you for the visit.

KAYA started really as fun, when I came back to Senegal with my family. My daughter was 6 months old and I had a collection of clothes from 0-6 months for her, that we bought in US. I planned to send money to my brother who was still there, so that he could buy for her other clothes. But then, one day as I was walking in the streets of Sandaga, one seller was practically harassing me for me to buy one of his items. To get rid of him, I bought a nice and simple outfit, in wax fabric, for my baby girl. And when she wore it, people were like ‘Whoa! So beautiful, so cute! It suits her!’ And that was true! So I said to myself ‘Instead of sending money to the US, I will manufacture outfits like that, here in Senegal’. And what started as a limited collection of girly dresses for my daughter became a true brand, an enterprise.

KAYA KIDS was born! And my daughter was my muse. Hence our motto: “Kids first”.

But really, KAYA cannot be limited to that. It is also my way to showcase Senegalese expertise and know-how. It’s a clothing line for kids, made in Senegal by Senegalese people. The message is to believe in own ability to manufacture quality clothes, so we could consume what we produce.

We, at KAYA, also invest in social and charity. We think of childhood in everything we do. And it is not just a matter of making nice outfits for them but also think about the sick ones, the disadvantaged ones. We really want to serve our community.

So in 2014, we organized a Walkathon, a walk for the children where we sold tee-shirts and polos for the benefit of the Oncology Service of Dantec Hospital in Dakar.




We wanted to create there a recreation space for children. But when you get to know these kids, interact with them, you realize that they don’t belong there. A child needs to be at home, with his family, and in good health. So with the collected funds, we have bought a respirator for the children suffering cancer, meds and morphine.

This year, here we are at this private sale. All profit will go to the Orphanages of Parcelles and Liberte 6. We’ll probably hold a ceremony to hand them the funds in November, with famous Senegalese artists and singers that kids adore.

You sure will see us on TV, on Mornings shows and at the Radio to explain our social activities.

Maybe in December too, we’ll come with a little fiesta for the children.

There are many more KAYA events to come. So stay tuned! ”

Auteur/Author: Aissatou GAYE

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