The woven loincloth a staple of African fashion / Auteur/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE


Auteur/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE

The woven loincloth a staple of African fashionpagne-tisse-manjak-senegal%20%281%29.jpg

The woven loincloth is the quintessential African textile. It is steeped in the traditions of many peoples as the fabric of the great opportunities and great ceremonies. Nowadays woven loincloth garments are becoming increasingly rare because of the heavy nature of the fabric. But so far the woven loincloth has not lost its beauty and elegance.

Special clothing


The weaving of loincloth is the work of skilled weavers. The technique used, tapa comes from the pygmies of Central Africa. Since it has spread throughout the African territory and has somewhat modernized. It is now possible to use four different textile fibers including cotton (most used), silk, raffia and wool. On the one hand, men beat the fibers and women design the grounds before the weaving. The design of a woven loincloth can be easily related to a show as teamwork is remarkable.


Once woven, one can choose to dye the cloth. The yellow color is obtained from the ginger root, black from charcoal and blue from indigo leaves. While many structures continue to value the woven loincloth, it is becoming increasingly rare in clothing manufacturing.

The woven loincloth declined in interior design


The woven loincloth is widely used in nowadays decoration not in a popularization context of this particular art but in order to continue to enhance it. It is found especially in the manufacture of plaids, blankets, cushions, bed covers and more. If you have the opportunity to take a trip to Mali do not forget to admire at the National Museum the variety of hand woven charts. Meanwhile bring a summer touch to your home by opting for AwaleBiz’s woven loincloth accessories selection.



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