Let’s talk about Ethiopian food


Let’s talk about Ethiopian food

Let’s talk about Food !

Today we focus on Ethiopian cooking, which is one of the most friendly cookery of the world. Everyone is welcome around the Injera, the cereal pancake that serves as a container.

Ethiopian cuisine is especially tasty and popular around the world, mostly since many of its dishes are vegetarian.

The basis of this food is the Injera, the Ethiopian bread which is kinda like a large teff flour pancake (teff is a cereal that grew in Ethiopia) and will serve both as a plate and cutlery.

Various stews, sauces and vegetables will be disposed on it. Traditionnally, there will be the Wat, a stew with vegetables, dried vegetables (shiro) or meat seasoned with berberé, which is a mixture of spices (red pepper, garlic, red onion, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves,…). The Wat can be made with beef,chicken, lamb or fish in certain regions of the country. It can also include vegetables, peas, carrots and beets.

The Wat with chicken is called Doro Wat. Vegeratians will prepare amond other dishes their Messir Wat, the Wat with lentils.

There are also other vegetable based or meat dishes. For example, the meat culd be served raw. It is the Kefto, a steak tartare seasoned with berberé or mitmita ( red hot pepper) and clarified butter. It can also be served cut in pieces and sautéed with some spices. It is the Tebs.

Lettuce, tomatoes and others will be disposed on the Injera. Once all the dishes arranged on it; each person will use a piece of this pancake to seize their food and eat.

Melkam messa (good lunch) Melkam eurat (good dinner). Enjoy your meal !



Photos : Restaurant MENELIK à Paris

Auteur/Author: Aissatou GAYE

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