The bissap, a plant with multiple benefits/ Author/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE


After a hearty lunch, there is nothing like a nice glass of bissap. Both delicious and extremely refreshing, the bissap is popular among young and old. And not to spoil anything, it is full of many health benefits


A drink to refuel

The hibiscus flower we know by the familiar name of bissap is very rich in vitamin C. Therefore, it is the ideal drink to refuel at any time of the day. The drink made from the hibiscus flower is so delicious that you do not need other reasons to eat it. But be aware that it is an excellent diuretic and for this reason it is highly recommended for people with high blood pressure. The hibiscus flower also has a positive action on the digestive system and is an excellent natural remedy against anemia. The health benefits of bissap are legion, so let’s look at the different ways that we have to consume it.
What preparations to make with bissap?
For some, the hibiscus flower is a vital part of the hair routine for its revitalizing action on the scalp. Some manage to slip cleverly into a dessert. But the most common consumption of the hibiscus flower is in the form of a drink. To do this, it can be combined with other elements such as mint, lemongrass or ginger. When infusing bissap leaves, they leave a subtle acidulous taste that makes it easy to eat without sugar. So, with or without sugar, hot or cold, let your palate enjoy as much as possible this delicious African plant.

And to have it daily with you, opt for Etounature bissap tea. The bissap leaves packaged in the tea bag format retain all their properties and distil the pleasant fragrance characteristic of the hibiscus flower. In 5min, your drink is ready. And you can enjoy it hot or cold. Etounature bissap tea is also a great way to discover the hibiscus flower around you. Want to please your loved ones? Share with them a glass of bissap tea!

Author/Author: Lucrèce GANDIGBE

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