Some virtues of henna on the body


Some virtues of henna on the body

Many know him as the ‘plant of Paradise’. Henna is a small plant whose leaves when dried and powdered dye used. It is also called mehndi, anella, neigh … it is a widely used sheet among African women. They use it mostly to color the nails, make tattoos. In addition to his aesthetic use, henna also has thérapehennautiques often ignored the great virtues. This is the first use of henna. In many parts of the world (India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia …) it is used by women to get beautiful and attractive. They carry beautiful patterns on the feet, hands and face mostly on the occasion of a wedding, a baptism or other festive occasions. The reasons are diverse and according to some customs may have meanings. The henna designs last only a few weeks and only fade with time.

Henna for sunbathing

You can give your skin a beautiful tan color with henna. For those with pale skin and wants to have it in caramel color, henna is a good ally. It is less harmful than UV, and its color lasts longer. For this, you need to mix the henna powder in water a few hours before tanning. Then you spread the dough on your entire body, from head to toe except of course the private parts. You let it sit a while and rinse off the scrub. You will then massage the body with oil of your choice. Such treatment provides you a feeling of intense well-being. Not only do you get a glowing complexion but in addition, henna because of its healing and antiseptic properties protects your skin. Its abrasive properties let you effortlessly to erase dead skin. The result is natural and sustainable.

Henna for the well being of your hair

Henna is increasingly popular in the field of hair color. It is used to enhance the color of the hair, to give it a shine ‘sunburn copper.’ ‘ We need you for this mix the henna powder with a little water. The resulting paste must be applied as a mask over the entire crown. The break time depends on the hair type and the desired effect. It will allow longer ask for a darker color. But the exposure times recommended is 20 minutes. You get a warm highlights to hair in shades mahogany and copper. The coloration may last one to nine months after the interview that you make. One downside, henna hair sheath therefore impossible to apply another color or discolored, you should wait for the natural fading.

The therapeutic properties of henna

We may use henna to cure many diseases. Trypanosomiasis, ulcers, kidney stones, chickenpox (mixed with butter), amebiasis are some ailments that are known to be treatable by henna. Henna also cares for the sick nail and kills lice. It has antifungal, antispasmodic and bacteriostatic. Finally, It is used as eye drops to treat certain eye diseases.

If you had not yet adopted the henna in your habits, you now have reason to do so. However, be opting for natural henna treatment at the time of purchase.

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