We love… NANAWAX


We love… NANAWAX

Because it is an important brand on the African fashion scene right now, and since its beginning in 2012. When searching modern outfits in wax fabric on the Internet, 5 times out of ten (and I hardly exaggerate) , you will see one of her models.

Recently on Facebook, I came across this SAPEE COMME JAMAIS Jacket and…let’s say… I love it ! Quite simply.



The jacket is worn by the designer herself, Maureen Ayité. What began in 2010 on a Facebook page (J’aime le pagne de chez moi) where Maureen showed her favorite outfits in wax fabric and then her own designs, has now become a real business.Her followers loved her models and kept asking where they could buy it. These warm reactions gave her the courage to step up. So in 2012 after graduating in Paris, she went back home in Cotonou (Benin) with 700 euros of savings and started her first collection.

Succes came right after and has never wavered. A year after, she managed to open her own store of 1500 square meters in center Cotonou. The brand gathers a lot of customers during the private sales it periodically organizes in Europe, America and Africa. It sells a lot on its online stores and delivers wordwide. As the real businesswoman she is, Maureen coordinates with her team the constant renewal of its stock and models. A new collection is launched every three months and NANAWAX designs a lot with VLISCO fabrics. Three new stores will be opened in Lome (Togo), Republic of Congo and Mayotte, in addition to the private sales it holds everywhere across the planet. This is proof that there is a real Marketing strategy that supports the development of the brand and installs it permanently on the international Fashion and ready-to-wear stage.


What truly makes the success of NANAWAX remains the attention to tiny little details and the finishes of its products. It also is the sexy, colorful side of the outfits: from the cute little dress to office wear outfits, the evening dresses, you sure will find your style among NANAWAX range, with the matching shoes and accessories.

Here comes a quick glance of her outfits. It’s magical.


Auteur/Author: Aissatou GAYE

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