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ASIMA ™ is above all a passion for well-being, a way of life focused on nature and its benefits, a way of thinking and a way of being. We believe that living in a simple and healthy way starts with good habits and a good body care routine. Each skin is unique and yours deserves the best so you can enjoy peace of mind every moment. A unique experience ASIMA ™ brings simplicity and authenticity to your care, thanks to natural cosmetics, multi-functional and ecological. We use vegetable and essential oils, spices, plants, seeds and fruits to create colorful, exotic and soothing recipes that will appeal even to delicate skin. ASIMA ™ is a sensory experience expressed through refreshing and fruity scents, but also with a softer and calmer skin, thus combining pleasure and care.
Assya Shop
Production and sale of modern traditional outfits
Atelier Rabbal
Atelier Rabbal is a brand specialized in the manufacture of handmade leather goods.
Creation and custom realization of interior decoration and garden furniture, lighting and decorative items.
Aunaf Fashion
AuNaf Fashion is the fashion in every way in the colors of Africa, modernity without losing the essence of our cultures.
Aura is a brand of wellness products such as scented candles, essential oils, relaxing candles, scrubs and body milk
Awale Art
The Awale Art label, your new Fashion companion ... Thought for you, designed for you! Stay connected to discover the authentic quality creations of African couturiers and tailors.
AWOKI is a brand specialized in the production and sale of natural products made from Shea. We sell soap, creams, natural milk and vegetable oils from Senegal.