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Aya Gifts
Aya Gifts is a brand of shoes, bags and accessories Made in Senegal, with African fabric and quality material
Ayele Ayih
Ayele Ayih offers handwoven beaded fashion accessories. footwear, clutches, handbags, belts, hair accessories, brooches... Just name it , we'll weave it !
Ayou is a brand specialized in making tradi-modern outfits and African costumes.
Cosmetics for men
B white couture
We make clothes, African suits, ready to wear made to measure. The brand of men of the future
Born in the depths of central Johannesburg in 2009, Babatunde has grown from a headwear experiment into a concept brand. From what began as a 5 hat and 5 cap experiment, the brand has moved into a space of creative optimism/freedom with new exciting products taking Babatunde to adolescence. With the goal of being a global brand, Babatunde fuses African colours and prints with Western Shapes. The prints represent the uniqueness of each human being. The colours embody the future. And the shapes express the vision and structure of success and prosperity. Babatunde stands for strong African Values and the progression of Africa through Afrocentrism. Each product is unique due to fabric cuts as well as limited prints. Check out or facebook - babatunde styles- for more info. The word Babatunde is a Yoruba (Nigerian) name. Translated the word means "the father returns". Babatunde stands for all that is truly African and promoting strong family values. We at Babatunde urge the... More
BantaWax est une nouvelle entreprise basée à Dakar, au Sénégal. Nous fabriquons à la main des jouets en bois et tissu wax africain, avec une finition 100% naturelle! Nous sommes deux nouveaux papas, souhaitant améliorer l'offre de jouets sur le marché à Dakar, et nous avons ainsi décidé de les fabriquer nous-mêmes, par la création de BantaWax. Banta signifie bois en wolof, la langue majoritaire au Sénégal. Le wax est le tissu coloré et très prisé au Sénégal. Nous proposons des jouets écologiques qui encouragent le développement de l'enfant et qui peuvent être transmi d'une génération à l'autre. Nous espérons que vous aimerez notre travail!
Brand of natural cosmetics specializing in the care of hair and skin.