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Beauty Nap
Beauty Nap is a brand of natural cosmetics that offers ranges of hair and body care such as: shampoo, hair cream, body milk, vegetable oils, handmade soap made from natural ingredients while enhancing the assets of African flora with recognized virtues. We favor an ambient manufacturing process to preserve the effectiveness of the assets.
BebeDisey Nappes
Des nappes de table de très haute qualité faites au Sénégal.
Bed Bath and More
Creation of luxury linens. Unique and rare pieces - Limited edition 100% cotton - Bathroom accessories - Household items - Interior decoration
We offer 100% natural hair products based on ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa, olive vegetable oils, touloucouna, sesame, hemp, bissap, avocado etc.
Bey Dundee
Bey Dundee is a brand specialized in the production and sale of local cereals.
BIO AFRICAN is a Senegalese brand selling honey. Raw honey, honey infused, honey-mousse
Biosene sarl based in Senegal is a leading company in the production and marketing ofprocessing of food and cosmetic products from firts local raw materials from harvests and local picking. Biosene sarl travels all over Africa to benefit from ancestral secrets transmitted fromgeneration to generation, brought to excellence by the latest technology to geta perfection of finesse and flavors. The company offers food products called "caregivers" in the form of powder,leaves, capsules or various solutions, but also potentially of productscosmetics in the form of creams, oils or butter, for a single leitmotiv: health-beautyfor a "better being" of our consumers. Biosene sarl collaborates with groups of women producing baobab fruit,shea butter or cultivating called exotic fruits (Hibiscus, mango etc.) and establish directly links with source producers throughout West Africa. Biosene sarl exports and makes known its cosmetics and organic food supplements,Made in Senegal, around the world, especially in Japan,... More
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