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Café des Arts
I am a creative craftsman, painter. I create pearl lamps, art paintings and furniture. I work in Senegal more particularly in Casamance. My studio and my gallery has always been open for 20 years.
Café Touba Choukran
Café Touba Choukran is a packaging processing and marketing unit for Touba coffee. We roast Robusta coffee grade 1 flavored with diar (kili) then milling to obtain the finished product which is coffee powder which is packaged in biodegradable packaging.
Online sale of the magazine in digital version. CAPMag Antilles Magazine is a Caribbean bi-monthly whose editorial line is part of authenticity and originality. It is about promoting the French West Indies through cultural economic environmental themes. Our editors are exclusively from the West Indies or based in the Antilles in order to guarantee the authenticity and originality of the subjects of the thematic files constituting the editorial fields of the magazine. We are journalistic writing professionals or young people in the journalism profession, through the editorial line each editor attaches faithfully to the development of his subject or his dossier.
Our remote controlled "car rapide", made in Senegal, are a mix between craft and technology for the pleasure of children (and grow ups!)
Chocolat Body Butter
Chocolat is made with the finest natural butters and oils straight from Ivory Coast. Pure cocoa and shea butters are hand whipped with coconut and sweet almond oils. Chocolat is environmentally friendly and free from toxic chemicals, therefore it is perfect for the skin. The sweet smell of Chocolat is relaxing and will keep a smile on your face throughout the day.
Christina Diaw
I am a young Senegalese woman who owns my own shoe brand. I work with the woven loincloth.
Quality products and care, of artisanal origin and / or organic, natural and vegetable. Our energy products cover all ranges of skin and hair care to wellness and spiritual care. We use ancestral techniques of holistic and therapeutic purification to boost our products from research of raw materials to the final design. Containers respecting the environment and health especially the ethics of zero endocrine disruptors. Possibility to make your measure care only on order.