AMIDI is a beauty brand totally extracted from very rare exotic plants mainly from sub-Saharan Africa. Its flagship activity: botanical cosmetics.

The name AMIDI is the contraction of filiations.

of the founder. A lady, who, since her childhood, has been rocked by the love she has and continues to dedicate to nature. Love that coexisted with an innate and atypical interest in all that is beautiful. This led her to pass into the hands of Mr. Patrick Maillet of Exotif’s where she was trained in hairdressing and discovered a lot. Being curious, she reflected during this youth filled with research and experiences on how to make a junction between different beauties: physical and nature. What ends up giving today AMIDI. His first steps were taken in the field of entrepreneurship in 2015 in SMEs. For a hardening, in 2016, she enrolled in natural beauty courses in Milan. And to top it off, she took a close interest in aromatherapy in 2017 to improve her knowledge and satisfy her customers.

To provide you with natural products of plant origin.

- To respect man and his environment.

- Not to use tests that cause animal suffering to obtain its products.

- To respect its commitments and projects.

Social and / or societal responsibility:

AMIDI, being a Senegalese based brand, works with women from regions of the country such as Kédougou, Kaolack, the green and natural Casamance ... A relationship based on an economic exchange where we will commit ourselves to draw up and respect their interests with a fair remuneration for the services they provide. And on a daily basis AMIDI seeks to improve their working conditions for a healthy partnership evolving in respect and above all lasting

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