Washable Sanitary Towels Kit

3 Washable Sanitary Towels Kit

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The ApiAfrique DAY towel is perfect for daytime use during menstruation (change every 4H max to maintain good hygiene).
It is easy to use, reliable (no leakage), very comfortable (no irritation) and economical (1 Apiafrique towel = 400 disposable towels).
In addition it produces no waste!

Washable and reusable for at least 2 years (no more towels!), It is made of waterproof and breathable fabric certified Oeko Tex and organic cotton.

The ApiAfrique towel is easy to use:
To open the pressures of the fins, to put in the pants, to reshape the fins under the pants and to close with the pressures. Change regularly (It is recommended to change the sanitary napkin every 4 hours).

To store clean or used towels, simply fold both ends of the towel inward and fold the wings upside down by clipping the pressures. You have a small package compact and discreet!

Washing :
Rinse with cold water, put some soap on the towel, wash by hand or machine (no more than 60 °) and dry in the sun. Ironing is not necessary, if you wish to do it, iron only the velvet part.
Reuse for AT LEAST 2 YEARS and enjoy comfort!

French demo video
Wolof demo video

Apiafrique sanitary towels are also available as panty protectors and NIGHT.

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