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Product made in Senegal 100% natural
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Enriched with cocoa butter, sesame oil and watermelon seed oil, whipped cream is mainly composed of shea butter. Entirely handmade, its creamy and airy texture allows it to instantly melt on the skin without leaving a greasy film. Based on natural ingredients, it nourishes and repairs the skin and hair. The essential lavender essential oil present in the product provides a restorative and soothing action. Very economical and practical, this multipurpose product can be used by the whole family.
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Often very dry and fragile, frizzy and curly hair should be treated with care. The synergy of the ingredients used (shea butter, hibiscus oil, rhassoul and orange powder) allows to deeply cleanse the hair while nourishing it. The hair will be shiny, repaired and will disentangle easily. Practical and economical, this shampoo is a 2-in-1 product due to its cleansing and detangling action. This shampoo lasts twice as long as a conventional shampoo. It is equivalent to 2 bottles of shampoo. In addition, it is entirely made from soft and natural ingredients and has been hand-wrapped.
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Formulated with amla powder and vegetable oils of baobab, castor and avocado; the hair serum is enriched with essential oils of rosemary and peppermint. the synergy of this pure and natural cocktail will stimulate hair growth, slow down hair loss while strengthening it. The concentration of this serum allows him to use only a small amount for optimal results.
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Add a touch of elegance and fashion to your outfits with our silky satin scrunchies. The scrunchie will embellish your hairstyles: braids, vanilla, updos, ponytails, afro puff ... to bring a touch of originality. Satin helps keep the hair hydrated, protects it and does not make it sparkling. The softness of the satin prevents breakage and creases in the hair. This accessory is a timeless basic to have with you. The elastic insert wraps the hair 2-3 times depending on its thickness. The width may vary from one favorite to another.
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Firabso Green Cosmetic

Firabso Green Cosmetic is a brand of natural products designed for hair and body. The goal is to provide its customers with simple and multi-functional products for the whole family.


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