Fleur de nuit france

Night flower seduction at a low price,

Being passionate about fashion, especially African coquetry, a passion that I share with many sisters and brothers. Let's say that wearing baya, small loincloths or even the incense which perfumes the apartment with its pleasant scents, brings us back to all the subtlety and beauty of our culture.

A little quack: living in France the price of these African sweets are too expensive.

Fleur de nuit, in my opinion, it's more of a name, it's a concept that aims to make these products accessible, while promoting the craftsmanship and know-how of our compatriots. But also, it is providing advice to our brothers and sisters who wish to discover more.

We have a wide range of products ranging from incenses to loincloths and bayas, but also shea-based hand creams with scents to choose from, at Fleur de nuit there's no shortage of choice.

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