Lucile Meneng

Lucile MENENG is an Afro-contemporary brand of jewelry and fashion accessories. Inspired by African culture and particularly Cameroonian, the brand offers with its creative workshop new and original models with strong expressive characters..
We want to allow people to express who they are and to bring out their values through pieces with strong identities made of stone and stone.
Authenticity, Audacity, Uniqueness, Avant-garde Freedom and Originality. These are the words that best describe this LIVING experience.
Wear Lucile MENENG Lucile MENENG has claimed cosmopolitan values inspired by deep Africa. This gives a new, more personal perspective to the history of the world through fashion. Values and codes precede changes. We are therefore defenders of cultural openness and African values.
Welcome to the enchanted world of DE LUCILE MENENG LUCILE MENENG! accessories!
One rule, ♥ Be yourself ♥

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