Our engagement

We Value "Made In Africa"


We believe that local artists, creators and craftsman have a major role to play in the economic development of Africa. However, most of these local businesses and brands struggle to compete against the low cost mass producers flooding the online and offline markets. Awalebiz supports these African creators and entrepreneurs by providing them an e-commerce platform where they can easily sell their creations. To shoppers looking to purchase genuine, handmade African products and who want to support African ingenuity, we guarantee a wonderful, unique selection of products of the best quality.

We Support African Entrepreneurship

Former French Finance Minister, Christine Laguarde, visiting Bioessence Labs.

On a small or large scale, several entities participate in the new economic dynamic of Africa and they deserve recognition. By providing access to our e-commerce platform, we support all the entrepreneurs, businesses and brands born from the new economic awaking that is happening in Africa. Now these small village painters and ceramists, shoemakers and craftsmen, clothing designers, manufacturers and other entrepreneurial leaders have a a way to compete on a global scale by selling their products on Awalebiz.com

Awalebiz also intends to build a community for all these great African creators so they can not only sell their products but exchange ideas and freely collaborate with each other.

Thus, we're not just an online retailer. We showcase the story and history of the brands we sell while providing our customers the ability to shop a massive variety of products from the many countries of Africa.

We Support Fair Trade

We help to establish fair and equitable trade for small African manufacturers and producers by providing them the ability to sell their products on our e-commerce site. Our e-Commerce platform provides these African brands the visibility and global reach to compete on an equable basis around the world.

We Support Sustainable Business Practices

We support products manufactured under socially friendly, environmentally sustainable business practices. Thus, we partner with brands who take corporate responsibility seriously. For example, many cosmetics shoppers are concerned about the safety of cosmetic products on their skin, the origin of the product components, their actual effectiveness as well as the corporate responsibility of the manufacturer.

That's why we partnered with, for example, Bioessence Labs and Madyln Cazalis.

Bioessence Labs - Responsible Cosmetics Manufacturer

We are proud to count among our partners Bioessence Laboratories, an ECOCERT certified cosmetics manufacturer, with multiple international awards. This Senegalese company employs around 150 people and provides compensation to over 4,000 Senegalese women of the Baobab and Shea sector in the south side of the country (Tambacounda, Kédougou).

Workers in Bioessence Labs Manufacturing Plant

Madyln Cazalis - Award Winning Cosmetics from Cameroon

Similarly, we are proud to have partnered with Madlyn Cazalis, a Cameroonian company manufacturing 100% natural cosmetics for black and mixed skins. Having won several prestigious awards, the brand is actively committed to promoting healthy and rejuvenated skin by only using products with natural active plant components.