#Vivatech is over! 3 days meeting with corporate Tech industries, Startups and visitors as well as attending Talks with inspiring Great Leaders.

For years to come, from digital perspective and customer experience, we will go from fragmented experience to unified and personalized experience. Interoperability of financial services is a major topic. Volume of data will increase exponentially, thus the need to exploite and secure data for better customer experience. Indeed technology will bring revolutionary changes therefore we need to value the digital transformation. And to drive businesses successfully, cross industries collaboration will be key, “do what we do best, then collaborate on the rest”.IMG-20190614-WA0025.jpg?1560531265644IMG-20190614-WA0024.jpg?1560531324370IMG-20190614-WA0053.jpg?1560531359297

Overall our main take away remains hashtag#Tech4Good, innovation & inclusion, to keep human in the heart of our businesses while leaving no one behind. This will continue to be @Awalebiz E-Commerce platform Leitmotiv. Thank you to @International Trade Center and @Orange for the invitation to this major Tech Event hashtag#Vivatech hashtag#ECommerce hashtag#Tech4Good hashtag#B2B hashtag#Retail hashtag#FinTech hashtag#WomenInTech hashtag#OrangeStartup hashtag#ITC hashtag#DER