About us


Our Vision

AwaleBiz is the world's number one online marketplace for unique African products, arts and crafts. In the spirit of the game 'Awale', based on the idea of spreading seeds to collect fruit, our company focuses not only on the bottom line but on promoting our artists and sharing the wonderful African culture.

Our company

Awalebiz is the outcome of miscellaneous factors combined in the path and life of an IT Engineer who has lived and worked in Africa and Europe, traveled across different continents while discovering the richness and beauty of each country.

Now back to Africa, we aim to highlight African art and creativity in all domains.

Our aim


There is a buzz in the continent around entrepreneurship. Natural cosmetics, clothing lines, emerging and unknown creative brands that produce beautiful items, painters, sculptors and other artists, all these entrepreneurs and micro entrepreneurs bring some contribution to the economy and demonstrate an incredible will and creativity. Our goal is to offer them a world exhibition place, make the world aware of their talents. At the same time, we offer a marketplace that allows them to be in direct touch with the international buyer and make a living from their passion.

Our model

Vendors from all African countries showcase their products. The Cameroonian buyer is delivered from Kenya, the South African buyer from Senegal. The Australian buyer is delivered from Benin.

We cast the net to link the continent from all sides, and of course connect it to the world.

Our spirit is Panafrican, our ambition global.


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