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Karaw International

Specialist in natural and organic cosmetic care made in Senegal

The Karaw international laboratory, created in 2016, specializes in the creation and manufacture of natural and organic cosmetic care.
Our products are designed with the utmost respect for good manufacturing practices.
Our ingredients come from African flora and are valued for the greatest pleasure and satisfaction of our customers.
We offer eight (8) hair ranges (KARAW) for the growth and maintenance of all hair types, a body range (YARAM) for black and mixed skin, as well as a wide range (AROMA AFRIQUE) of oils vegetables obtained by cold pressing, natural and organic powders and finally vegetable butters from the four corners of Africa.
Our products are for men, women and children of all ages.
Our products do not contain any chemical components and are not tested on animals.

With Karaw International, nature is at the service of wellness.

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