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Kamal Mosaic

Isabelle is an artist of Breton origin established in Senegal since 1999. Practicing Hatha-Yoga for 20 years, this discipline will reveal in her artistic dispositions including the acquisition of the various techniques of the mosaic to the art of the framing.

Her association with local painters (those of coasters) will lead her to design different objects for interior decoration (clock, tray, mirror, table, ..).

She discovered mosaic in 1997 and since then she is passionate. She experimented with materials, constantly looking for new ideas, testing cement colors, and making combinations with colors and above all she took a real pleasure in creating and imagining!

She is self-taught, and learned through the meetings of mosaicists who transmitted their passion through various courses.

Since 2001, she has been creating unique pieces, transforming the paintings of sub-glass painters into objects or sublimating them with mosaics.

Her mosaics are made with painted glass borrowed from the technique of coasters. She also juggles with other decorative elements to embellish create, unique pieces of their kind. Each work thus becoming an original work

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