So' Fatoo, Meet the new you!

Stylish, elegant, classy, radiant, all that you can wish for and more: that's what So Fatoo is offering you.

5 years ago, while in Morocco, the young Fatima Zahra Ba dreamt of a brand, one that would have the wings strong enough to export and showcase the beauty of african cultures throughout the world. Then the brand So Fatoo was born and ready to fulfill it's goal.

To wear So Fatoo is to "wear your africanity on your sleeve". In fact, the clothes are essentially made of local fabrics or ethnic prints in a mix of traditional and modern styles.

The brand currently includes three clothing lines: SO FATOO with ethno-chic outfits for women and few unisex items, SAIIDOUX for men and ZAHRASAIID for special occasions. The line "NÉNÉ TOUTI" for kids is in the making.

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