Zina Crea

Kaftans, tekchitas, jellabah or short coats, the Zina Crea style is a style that comes in warm colors, ocher and satin, silk and linen, soft and silky textures.
Mixture of ancient tradition and western touch with its handmade embroidery and cuts tailored to the body, the Zina Crea style is a must for refined, modern women, and above all, well flourished in their skins.
Zina Crea style is the imprint of the past and present, colors of deep Morocco and southern mountains, it is also the delicate art of Andalusian heritage and it is the practice section of the businesslike woman. This is the ancient art revisited carefully and pleasantly enhanced with colors and embroidery finely worked.
All in color, harmony and refinement, dressing in the style Zina Crea means combining simplicity, refinement and originality. It's simply wearing bright and nicely tradition and modernity; it is shining with simplicity and sensitivity; It is combining elegance and sobriety.
Behind Zina Crea is passionate Zina Lamrabet. With more than 15 year career in Moroccan high fashion , Zina has forged a style recognized by demanding customers between Rabat and Casablanca.

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