Tribu, is a unit of production of bags and accessories based in Dakar (Senegal) which is involved in the design and manufacture of bags, luggage and accessories. We are specialized in the design of handbags, backpacks, tôtes, Messengers and shoulder bags etc. We also produce some accessories such as cell pockets and wallet. Many of our products are made of cotton or leather combined with wood, and all are appointed and made in Senegal by hand by a dynamic team.Our products are sold in several shops in Senegal in Belgium and Italy. You can get contact information to buy wholesale on our contacts page.
Khadim Ndiaye is a visual artist Designer with Tapissier talent, Carpenter, visual artist and graphic designer, he developed his creativity, know-how and his business acumen. Tribu bags manufactures bags (unique pieces) and collections (limited editions) and develops a series of products branded under tribal signs with the techniques of pyrography such as wallets, cell chains, pouches and bags. Tribu also designs furniture accessories collection (limited edition).
Besides a graceful and timeless esthetic tribu advocates the values of solidarity, good citizenship. Tribe wants to change the image that people have of the production made in Africa. The production unit is working with other creators and many distributors as the foundation for a successful partnership.
Tribu is a trademark and offers its production services to designers wishing.It is registered in Senegal.

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